SBI Crypto Shares of Bitcoin SV Post Halving Rise to 15.28%

A subsidiary of Japanese financial services giant SBI Holdings has seen its share of Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision (BSV) mining pool share rise since the first halving on April 10. According to cryptocurrency information site CoinDance, cryptocurrency mining company SBI Crypto held about 4.4% of the total shares of BSV last week, but those numbers jumped to 15.28% on April 13. The halving of BSV comes just a short time after BCH's halving event on April 8, and approximately one month prior to Bitcoin's halving, expected between May 11-13.

Coinbase: Crypto Crash Created Rare Opportunities for Savvy Traders

Despite the volatility of the March 12 - 13 crypto market meltdown, Coinbase has identified several unusual methods through which traders were profiting amid the chaos. The crash saw rare profits being generated through 'crypto-and-carry' derivatives arbitrage, stablecoin speculation, and the failure of MakerDAO's auction protocol.

Fifth-Largest US Accounting Firm Partners With Crypto Tax Tech Company

Blockchain-native software and tax services company, Lukka, has been chosen to provide crypto taxation software to the fifth-largest accounting firm in the United States, RSM. Lukka provides crypto tax software to RSM clients. The deal will see RSM's tax clients provided with the 'Lukka Crypto Office' and 'LukkaTax for Professionals' software to assist the tax preparation needs of both individuals and enterprises. Also, Lukka launches academic repository for crypto tax issues.

Coronavirus Pandemic Is Reshaping Blockchain Companies' Roadmaps

The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting more and more aspects of the blockchain and cryptocurrency market. More than half of the 2020 crypto conferences were either canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, while mining manufacturers had to stop the equipment production in China. At the same time, other companies have been able to master new opportunities by digitizing business processes and moving employees online.

Bitfinex Made a $1.1 Billion BTC Transaction for only $0.68

When someone transferred 161,500 Bitcoin (BTC) on April 10 for a fee of only 0.00010019 BTC — approximately $0.68 — the crypto world took notice. According to blockchain transaction details, the user moved approximately $1.1 billion dollars in the cryptocurrency at the time of press. Of that amount, 15,000 BTC was sent to a wallet, while the remainder — 146,500 BTC — was returned to the original address. The last time over a billion dollars in BTC was moved was on September 6, 2019 when transaction records show 94,504 BTC — $1.018 billion at the time — was transferred for a $700 fee.

Ripple (XRP) Just Signaled "Sell" And It's Vulnerable to Substantial Correction

Ripple is struggling to clear the $0.2025 and $0.2050 resistance levels against the US Dollar. XRP price is currently correcting lower and it could extend its decline towards $0.1920 or $0.1880. Ripple price is showing a few bearish signs below the $0.2025 resistance against the US dollar. It seems like the bulls are struggling to clear the $0.2025 and $0.2050 resistance levels. There was a break below a key contracting triangle with support near $0.2000 on the hourly chart of the XRP/USD pair (data source from Kraken). The pair could continue to decline towards the $0.1920 support or $0.1880.

Bitcoin Cash Halving Met with 11% Price Surge; BSV Follows with 19%

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) went through with its first block reward halving on Wednesday, with the coin price gaining 11.2% on the day. Those gains were exceeded by Bitcoin SV (BSV), which gained 19.4% in the same time period. Bitcoin SV is scheduled to carry out its own block reward halving by Friday, April 10th. In the past twenty-four hours, the spot price of Bitcoin Cash surged 11.2%, from $249.23, up to $277.22. However, the coin’s price crashed back down to around $262 less than an hour later. Bitcoin SV’s block reward halving is set to go ahead in approximately 38 hours at time of writing, according to Coingecko. Bitcoin’s (BTC) own block reward halving is expected to be implemented in just over 34 days.

South Korea's Largest Crypto Unveils New Consensus Algorithm

South Korea’s largest public blockchain project, ICON (ICX), announced its new Loop Fault Tolerance 2.0 (LFT 2.0) consensus algorithm on April 8. The new algorithm claims to make performance improvements in scalability and network bandwidth over the popular Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (PBFT) consensus types, without compromising security. This innovation marks the first time that a South Korean team has successfully innovated on this element of blockchain technology. The algorithm has also been independently audited for security. LFT 2.0 is scheduled for implementation later this year, and the ICON Foundation has high hopes for the future.
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